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Daisy Cutter

- dual channel Class A amp head -
( 2x 12AX7 + 1x EL34/KT88)

Dual Channel - indipendent gain and volume controls
Boost solo switch
3- controls Tone Stack
Bright switch
Voice Switch
Fat switch
Presence control
Half power switch (12W/5W)
Fx loop
Footswitch Channel/Boost

Atomic Ant

- all tubes Class-A DUAL power amp head -
(5Y3 + 12AX7 + 6V6 + EL84)

Quick switchable Power Valve tube (6V6 or EL84)
Half power switch (6W/3W)
Dual rectifier switch (tube/silicon)
Tone control
Volume control
Loud switch
Feedback switch
Fx loop

Black Beauty

- all tubes Class-A power amp head -
(5Y3 + 12AX7 + 6V6 (EL84)

Half power switch (6W/3W)
Dual rectifier switch (tube/silicon)
Punch switch
Gain control
Tone control
Volume control
Feedback control
Built-in REVERB control
Fx loop


- all tubes Class A combo amplifier -
( 5Y3 + 12AX7 + 6V6/EL84 )

Bluesman is a compact and refined tube amp suitable for live, home and studio recording without sacrificing the quality and warmth of a full tube sound!
Sturdy but light (8 kg), it adopts an elegant vintage look.
Bluesman offers a single channel all tube circuitry, that delivers 5W true class A tube on 1x8" speaker.

Very suitable for Rock / Blues, it allows you to easily switch from a clean, soft and sinuous sound, to a dynamic and restless one, until it becomes exuberant and aggressive as the gain increases.

On request it is possible to customize with:
dual rectifier, fx loop, full power/half power switch, reverb, ext speaker, line out.
It's also possible to direclty install an EL84 power valve (instead 6V6), allowing very interesting sound variations.

Simply amazing!

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